Workshop: Science to Policy Consultation. Reducing the Urban Burden of Disease in Zagreb through Environmental Policies

Date: 13 February, 2024. Location: Zagreb

Published On: 19/01/2024Categories: Workshops

HEAL is part of the EU-funded research project Urban Burden of Disease Estimation for Policy-making (UBDPolicy), which aims to estimate the health and socio-economic costs and benefits of air quality, noise, lack of urban green spaces, heat and temperature, physical activity and inequality for almost 1000 European cities in the EU.

The city of Zagreb has been selected as one of 10 cities for which a detailed assessment of health costs and benefits will be carried out, and UBBPolicy is now seeking the expertise of decision-makers, administrators and stakeholders on the scenarios and findings of the research.

Benefits of participation for decision-makers and stakeholders:

  • Exclusive access to existing and new data showing the health benefits of different urban environmental and transport policies, which can be used to communicate with the public.
  • Health cost-benefit analyses that can be used to inform policy design and implementation
  • The ability to provide guidance to researchers on which data are most needed for current and future policy making.

During the workshop, we explored possible health and well-being scenarios that are relevant for the preparation or evaluation of current and future policies and strategies in Zagreb (e.g. climate neutrality by 2030, low emission zone and others). For example, health impact assessment of xx% increase in number of cyclists/cycling infrastructure or any other measure.

DATE: 13 February 2024 from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM (CET).
VENUE: Radićeva Street 9, Zagreb.

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